Sun Seekers | Level 4

  • Sportarredo Master Sun High Pressure is a 15 minute maximum bed with 25,000 watts of tanning power and emits 99.9% UVA light to oxidize and brown up melanin cells for rapid color. This bed has adjustable facial lamps and fans as well as a cell phone hook up.

  • Our High Pressure Booth is a 15 minute maximum. This open concept booth gives you plenty of room to dance to the radio while you soak up the 22,000 watts of UV light.


Sun Seekers | Level 3

  • KBL Alpha 6800 is a 10 minute maximum bed with 9,780 watts of power and 4 adjustable facial lamps. This is currently the only bed that you can adjust your UV light from UVB to UVA along with a combination of the two! This bed provides the luxury of water misters and iPod/cell phone music hook ups.

  • Cyclone/Starship Booths are the fasted pieces of equipment we have. These are 9 minute machines with 12,000 watts of power that are perfect for a lunch break vacation!


Sun Seekers | Level 2

  • Elixir Beds are a 12 minute maximum with 8,200 watts of power. With 3 adjustable facial lamps and fans, aromatherapy and ionizers, you can maintain your tan with leisure!

  • VHR “Perfect Ten” Booth is a 10 minute maximum with 8,640 watts of power to tan your cheeks while you listen to the radio!


Sun Seekers | Level 1

  • Sunsector Beds are a 15 minute maximum with 5,000 watts of power, perfect for a getaway in the middle of the day! These beds are equipped with 3 adjustable facial lamps and fans!

  • Booths are also 15 minute maximums with 4,000 watts of power!


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