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 We offer 5 different levels of beds and stand ups combining UVA, UVB and red light in our diamond level to develop a rich, glowing tan. 


A deep tan is created over time safely so it is important to give yourself optimal amount of time and sessions to build the color you are dreaming of! With 11 different UV machines, we suggest mixing it up throughout your routine!


SunSeekers Diamond Level


Diamond bed and stand up combine UVA, UVB and red light to maximize your tan while rejuvenating and repairing your skin cells.  


Our diamond bed is a 10 minute session that features aqua mist, aromatherapy and even shoulder tanners! One session in this and your tan is taken to the next level. 

Get quick effortless color in our 9 minute diamond stand up with an upgraded cooling system to leave you walking away feeling fresh and ready for the rest of the day!

SunSeekers Level 4

Sportarredo Master Sun High Pressure is a 15 minute maximum bed with 25,000 watts of tanning power and emits 99.9% UVA light resulting in the deepest, darkest and fastest tan!

Our High Pressure Booth is a 15 minute maximum. This open concept booth gives you plenty of room to dance to the radio while you soak up the 22,000 watts of UV light.

SunSeekers Level 3

KBL Alpha 6800 is a 10 minute maximum bed with 9,780 watts of power and 4 adjustable facial lamps. This is currently the only bed that you can adjust your UV light from UVB to UVA along with a combination of the two! This bed provides the luxury of water misters and iPod/cell phone music hook ups.

Cyclone/Starship Booths are the fasted pieces of equipment we have. These are 9 minute machines with 12,000 watts of power that are perfect for a lunch break vacation!

SunSeekers Level 2

Elixir Beds are a 12 minute maximum with 8,200 watts of power. With 3 adjustable facial lamps and fans, aromatherapy and ionizers, you can maintain your tan with leisure!

VHR “Perfect Ten” Booth is a 10 minute maximum with 8,640 watts of power to tan your cheeks while you listen to the radio!

SunSeekers Level 1

Sunsector Beds are a 15 minute maximum with 5,000 watts of power, perfect for a getaway in the middle of the day! These beds are equipped with 3 adjustable facial lamps and fans!

Booths are also 15 minute maximums with 4,000 watts of power!

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