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Automated Airbrush Tan

Receive an airbrushed tan in our automated airbrush machine!

99 possible combinations to create the perfect sunless tan in our automated airbrush machine!

We offer sprays anywhere from light to double dark with options for bronzers, prep sprays and rapid solutions!


Bronzers not only give you immediate color but also have violet undertones to combat any oranges in the tan

Prep spray is a primer you can opt to get before the spray tan to help balance your PH and help your skin absorb the tan more evenly!

Along with our clear and bronzer solutions, we offer a rapid development solution that allows you to rinse off in 3 hours as opposed to 10-12 hours. 


Before your spray tan:

  • Exfoliate, shave and wash body/hair the night before, make sure any previous spray tan is completely off before getting a new one

  • Any manicures, pedicures, or waxes should be done at least 1 day prior to your spray

  • Do not apply lotion or oils even the night before a spray tan


Day of your spray tan:

  • Avoid any lotions, oils, makeup, perfume or deodorant. You want to have absolutely clean skin to ensure optimal absorption!

  • Wear loose, dark clothing, loose shoes, and no jewelry

  • You may wear undergarments during your spray but it is not required. Consider what tan lines you will want for the next week.  


Post spray tan:

  • Avoid getting wet until the initial rinse time, this can depend on what solution you choose

  • When it's time, rinse in lukewarm water, with no soap or products. When rinsing, lightly rub your skin with your hands to ensure all of the cosmetic bronzer has washed off. When the water runs clear, you know you are done 

  • Some solution may take up to 24 hours for the full color to develop so do not worry if you don't see color after the initial rinse

  • After 24 hours have passed, apply lotions or glow extenders to start hydrating that top layer of skin and keep the spray tan on. *avoid any products with oil* 

Full Body sprays range from $35-40

Leg sprays range from $10-15

Face sprays range from $7-10

*Diamond and Sunless Club get unlimited Spray Tans!

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